Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Structure continued

The talent, art, and screenplay we will create will be merchandised heavily, with the artists, talent, and writers receiving more than standard page rates for their work and comfortable royalties for their work, as sales of films and DVDs progress. (These ideas are coming from aforementioned Wikipedia article on Image Comics). We are a group of producers, directors, actors/extras, illustrators, location scouts that will have ownership and creative control over their work. Our Organizing Charter will have two key provisions: (1) ASP would not own any creator's work; the creator would.
(2) No ASP partner would interfere – creatively or financially – with any other partner's work. ASP itself would own no intellectual property, except for the finished collaborative films and the company trademarks: its name and its logo, which will be designed by local high school student. Each ASP major partner/producer will eventually found his/her own studio, which will be produced and distributed under the ASP banner, but will be partially autonomous from MOST central editorial control.

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